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Please Note

The consultation fee includes time spent during and after your visit for me to review your needs and  write a comprehensive personalised therapeutic plan.

Payment for services are made through a bank transfer.

(60-90 minutes) £120

This consultation generally requires a comprehensive discussion about your current state of health, your health history, family history, lifestyle habits, diet, etc. I will discuss my potential approaches and recommended laboratory work with you during this time. This session will last approximately 60 minutes and is mainly an information gathering and sharing session. I will make some simple recommendations at this time, including goal setting, development of nutrition, movement and stress modification plan based on your needs.

(45 minutes) £60

A follow up is generally scheduled four to six weeks after an initial consultation. I will re-evaluate your nutrition and movement plan during this visit, review goals and objectives, and discuss lab findings. At that time,
I will design a personalized protocol, which may include supplements, diet recommendations, stress relaxation techniques, and exercise guidelines.
There may be additional follow-up visits which are generally scheduled every four to six weeks following a follow-up appointment to evaluate progress and make any adjustments in your program. Follow-up frequency varies with each case, depending on the purpose of the meeting, goals, readiness to change, support system you have in place, and other factors.

(15 minutes) £30

This is a mini follow-up.

Price varies per type of test

(60 minutes) £80

This consultation requires the presence of a parent or guardian of the child during the review of the child’s health questionnaire, lab work, and chief complaints and the subsequent discussion of a recommended plan.

(30 minutes) £40

Follow-Up Consultations are advised every 4-6 weeks to evaluate progress and make adjustments to the nutritional programme.